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Grants | LEAN WI


LSTA FY21-FY22 - Mobile Printing Support

LEAN WI partners were allocated $108,490 in aggregate.  The 2021 LSTA grant was available for application and initial budget submission prior to the ARPA grant in the WISEgrants portal.  The $82,000 project to fund Princh Mobile Print Management services for all public libraries in the LEAN WI footprint was attached to the initial application for this grant.  Planning for the utilization of remaining 2021 LSTA allocations will follow the planning of 2021 ARPA grant funds to support non-conflicting projects.


LEAN WI partners were allocated $195,791 in aggregate and is focusing on major projects including capital equipment updates originally intended for 2021 and 2022, and additional updates to improve capacity and cost efficiency within the LEAN WI virtualization platform.  The ARPA grant was loaded into the WISEgrants portal during the week of March 7th but some issues with the portal caused delays in accessibility to the ARPA application and budgeting tools.  An initial application for the capital projects and for already expensed eligible procurements is in progress.

LSTA FY20-FY21 - Datacenter Tenancy

This sub-project directly supports the FY2019 LSTA supported Backup and Digitization Archival Collaboration (phase 1 – in progress) and the FY2020 LSTA supported Digitization Archives Storage Platform Project (phase 2 – applied) by further securing tenancy and operational overhead in the Chippewa Valley Technical College (CVTC) Regional Data Center (RDC) in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. 


The CARES Act grant follows an allocation to libraries model.  Wisconsin DPI applied a formula to available funds and published an allocations table with ammouts allocated to each public library in Wisconsin.  LEAN WI partners identified several projects of interest, but will initially focus on reimbursements for allowable costs already spent after April 21, 2020.

LSTA FY20 - Connectivity

LEAN WI applied jointly for $18,750, the aggregate of funding made available to library systems ($6,250 per library system) to assist with the costs involved to maintain services to public library members and the
citizens they serve in response to measures taken to mitigate the spread of SARS-CoV-2 (aka COVID-19 or Coronavirus).

LSTA FY20 - Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity training is crucial in today’s IT environment, where phishing attacks can lead to stolen user credentials, identity theft, ransomware attacks, data theft, and destruction of data. This project utilizes InfosecIQ, a cybersecurity software suite that includes training videos and phishing simulations, for a three-year period.