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Website Design Services welcomes new libraries.

Interested in switching to the LEANWI Website Service?

The LEANWI Website Team is accepting applications from Northern Waters Library Service member libraries for website hosting and website design.

LEANWI Websites provides hosting, design, training, and support for library and system websites

  • Currently manage 130+ library and system websites across IFLS, Northern Waters, Winding Rivers, and Wisconsin Valley library systems.

LEANWI Websites - Philosophy

  • Provide infrastructure for design and support of attractive, accessible websites that reflect the library’s identity and brand.
  • To train library staff to from libraries of various sizes to manage and maintain updated website information that supports their mission and programming and is relevant to their community and people they serve.

LEANWI Websites - Implementation

  • Central hosting with domain registration management
  • Use WordPress content management platform with Divi theme
  • Ongoing training to library website managers through virtual meetings, documentation, and recorded instructions.
  • Website manager listserv to distribute information.

LEANWI Website Team

  • Brendan: support design and function of websites with the goal of utilizing the full function of the Divi theme; liaises with IT/network management staff for backend website functions.
  • Erica: provides training and support to library staff managing the websites through live group training, documentation, and materials; takes the lead in responding to support tickets as appropriate. Also serves as general program management lead.


Erica Brewster
Data and Technology Services Consultant
Wisconsin Valley Library Service

Brendan Tuckey
Technology Support Consultant


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Tutorials and Resources

LEANWI Website training website: collection of all WordPress, Divi, and LEANWI website-specific training documentation

Elegant Themes Divi Tutorials: video tutorials for all modules and features

LEANWI Website YouTube Playlist

Digital Bytes YouTube Playlist includes videos from the general “tips-and-tricks” resource WVLS YouTube playlist that may be useful for website management.


Website Accessibility

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