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Emergency Connectivity Fund Grant

Questions?  Email grants@leanwi.org 

ECF Supported Mobile Hotspots Program: Devices are being staged and deployed to library sites.  Members will be given links to a library-specific reporting form (Google Sheets) to help collect information which will be used to produce a final project report in 2023.  Please complete the reporting surveys as soon as feasible once links are received to assist in timely report development.

Eligible Usage Policy (EUP): The ECF program requires certain conditions or eligible use.  Patrons borrowing mobile hotspots supported by ECF must declare a statement of need.  Usage data and records (limited in scope by Federal and State privacy protection statutes) must be kept and maintained for ten years.  We have developed a two page Guide with an EUP template and Frequently Asked Questions (based on Boston Public Library’s EUP and FAQ).  Please review the Guide (PDF download, upper right of this page) prior to lending devices and be sure patrons borrowing these devices receive this or an appropriately modified version of this EUP.